Baby Steps


Welcome Home Archie
Baby Steps.

2 months in and I still can’t believe I’m a mum to a beautiful baby boy. Does it ever sink in? I’m not sure but I’ve already experienced so many emotions and had the tears to go with them.

When I found out I was pregnant last summer I did feel a little guilty as the weekends before hand involved quite a lot of alcohol but I did have my best friends hen party and quite a few social events. At the time I just thought my age didn’t help with the hangovers anymore, if only I knew what was really going on!
I think I went into a little bit of denial that I was actually pregnant as last year I went through quite a bad miscarriage and It did hold me back on this time around. I’ll do a post about last year and what I went through as it needs to be shared but back to the happy moments.

That moment you first bring your baby home and realise there is no manual on how a baby works, there is no on/off button and you just have to let your instincts guide you and have faith, your natural instincts do kick in trust me!

Before I had Archie, people would always ask if I would be breast feeding and we know there has always been the pressure to breast feed. My first response was ‘heckĀ  no’ as the thought knew I knew it he was happily feeding so the breast feeding adventure begun.There will be a post shortly about my breast feeding adventure shortly and I know you can’t wait to read about that!! But in the meantime I can tell you that he’s now on formula full time and what a relief.

So realising that I was now a responsible parent I knew I had to keep this little guy fed, clean, warm and alive, if I got that right I knew something was going right.
The first two weeks of having him home, I found emotional and although my family came round to visit and help and Mick was on hand when he had finished his working day I still felt alone. It’s hard to describe until you’ve been through it but you feel as though you’re in a bubble with your baby and everyone else is in another. I would be asked daily if I was okay and feeling okay and me being me always replied with ‘yeah i’m doing fine thank you’ but the truth was I needed help/support but didn’t know in what way so couldn’t ask for it.

I’m pleased to say after those first two weeks I just calmed down, chilled out and thought to myself ‘you’ve got this girl, you’re doing alright’. Archie is a very happy, chilled out baby so feeling very lucky but i’m still waiting for him to change and start with more witching hours or deciding he doesn’t like the bath anymore. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The biggest shock for me was the daily lifestyle change. I didn’t have a luxury lifestyle at all but I was used to going to work every day, nipping here and popping there but with a baby you can’t just nip or pop anywhere. Getting him into the car and fastened in then realising i’d forgotten something for his change bag. What used to be a quick trip to the supermarket is now a planned schedule. I have to go in between the feeds and after a nappy change so he’s not crying because his nappy is wet. Yes my baby is the one who wines after having the slightest wee, all I can say is thank god for Aldi nappies being super affordable and now are in the sale.

Even though things have changed, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Everyday is a new lesson and I know I have a life ahead of me full of lessons but the adventures and new memories make it all worth while.

You’ll see in time that the posts I write about parenting are all true life for me but I’d love to hear about your parenting drama’s.



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