Bobbi Brown.

My weakness is makeup so it’s not hard to believe I work within the makeup industry. You should see me when I go to some of my favourite makeup stores, I can spend hours in them but my bank manager isn’t always impressed!
I have been luck enough to try all sorts of makeup brands out but don’t get me wrong there is still a world of makeup to try and test and I can’t wait! Anyway back on track …

My kit bag seems to grow and get heavier each month and to be honest it doesn’t need to. We all have those key products we use and when working on set or at a wedding it’s great to carry a full range but it’s not always practical. You can imagine how excited I was when Bobbi Brown introduced their pro palettes! These have been amazing in my kit and such a space saver.
The lip palette has a full range of their lip colours from glossy to more matte hues. It’s great to be able to just pack this instead a bag full of different lipsticks but saying that I do have a small bag with the popualr MAC colours and some glosses.


The newest palette to my kit is their BBU Pro Face Palette full of skin foundations, creamy concealer’s and their correctors. It really is a makeup artists must have item. Great for covering smaller areas and touching up when out and about. What I also love is they are based on the yellow undertones which I use on nearly all of my clients.

You’ll see over time how much I love the Bobbi Brown products. I have just ordered some other products I’ve come across from another brand which have a totally different background so I’ll be posting those once they arrive. I’m like a child at Christmas when I get makeup in the post, in fact I just love receiving little parcels of happiness in the post!

More Bobbi Brown items to come including their rouge pots which are a great product and multi use, why wouldn’t you want these!



So this year it was time to get on top of my life, well at least try. I’m a huge fan of making lists and having notebooks in every room and handbag but then I came across this godsend planner. Let me introduce you to The Imperfect Life by Kerri Lyons. Talk about a game changer and keeping on top of daily tasks and getting all those open tabs in my head down in one place!

Have you seen the film with Sarah Jessica Parker ‘I Don’t Know HOW She Does It’ Well if like me you start getting ideas and lists to create when you’re in bed trying to switch off from that day’s events. This planner helps clear all of that as each Sunday I make my notes, set my plans and goals including meal plans for the week and off I go. My to-do list is included and love ticking my way through these, makes me feel like I’ve actually achieved something that day! Like I said, a complete game changer. Don’t get me wrong, I still carry my notebooks as I like to keep my planner a little more neat and new. It fits into my handbag and goes with me everyday.

I’m still human and can forget things but this way I can look in my planner and see what I’ve forgotten. I used to big a huge fan of the Filofax but found it was just lacking a few features. This planner is more than a planner, it’s a create space and diary but you’ll have to see for yourself and check out their site!

I look forward to seeing and hearing about your life and how you make the most of your time.